Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Campaigns and Kicks (Finally)

So I am officially living the life of a political wife. LOL Steve is busily working his way through the many twists and turns that are involved with establishing himself as a candidate. I could not be more proud. Though his decision was met with a bit of uncertainty on my part, I am sure of one thing. This is what God has in His plan for our family. Somehow the concerns that accompany our attempts at such an endeavor are completely calmed because of God's presence at the center of it all.

So I'm excited. We all are. We are blessed with a large group of friends, advisors and supporters who believe Steven is what the 58th house district needs. These people have been with us from the beginning and ironically pratically wished this pregnancy on us. So they will have a special place in the story of our baby's little life. Anywho, I love them all and I feel they have been purposely placed in our lives. Together we can accomplish anything.

Here is a picture of Steven getting a first peak at his campaign materials.

On to baby news. I finally have kicks!!!! I actually felt them before I wrote the previous post about kicks but like most first time preggos, I couldn't tell what those sensations were. I never felt the flutters or popcorn popping across my stomach. No butterflies or anything like that. Instead, I felt a small thump. Maybe 3 or 4 thumps at a time in lower region of my abdomen but the thumps would move around in someway or another. I initially thought it was some digestive system quirk but once I reached the 18 week mark, I realized I was well within the range of feeling a real kick. So I started calling them kicks. Besides I have never felt a digestive flinch quite that strong.

So yes world, Baby Turner is in there making all kinds of movements and stealing a little more of my heart with every flinch.

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