Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The pregnancy related evolution of me.

In light of the approaching New Year,I decided to look through my 2009 pictures. Anywho, I was amazed by how much pregnancy has changed my appearance and my overall demeanor. I know it sounds crazy because being preggo is all about the big belly, the double chin, large boobs and round cheeks but I was still shocked. Here are a few pics.

I kinda can't believe how much hair I had before and during the earlier part of my pregnancy. Who has that much time? Obviously not me because I am now rocking my new mommy hair cut. I also have noticed my preoccupation with looking halfway decent is now gone. I have a rotation of workout gear that I wear on a daily basis. I don't wear makeup or keep any kind of true waxing schedule. I use the I am just trying to make it through this pregnancy line as an excuse but I wonder if I am changed forever.

Who knows right now I don't care.
9 days till the due date!!! Not that it means much.

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