Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm Still Here

Hello All,

After getting messages through other social networks about my lack of new posts, I am getting it together. I can't believe almost 2 months went by but then again, I should. Life has been super crazy for me. Not crazy in a terrible way but in a I can't tell if I'm coming or going kinda way.

I have been at home full time since my last post because I started to show some stress signals. Elevated blood pressure, extreme amounts of pelvic pressure, nausea, headache and lower back ache, all caused my midwife to ask me to stop working if possible. I planned to work here or there but Steven wanted me to play it safe. I guess between the symptoms I was dealing with and the threat of H1N1 in the schools was enough to creep him out.

You would think staying home would afford me more time to post and get things done. Yeah that's so not true. Something about the lack of structure in my daily routine has made it easier to waste entire days. On top of that those new symptoms did not crop up without causing other problems. The biggest of which is no sleep. I have not slept properly in months and that has caused some serious fatigue. So yeah I have spent tons of time trying to get some sleep.

So yeah that's somewhat of an explanation of what I have been doing I guess. That's not all. Steven has been having fundraiser after fundraiser, many of which I have attended. Our friends here in Nashville threw an awesome Jack and Jill shower for us. We received tons of diapers, children's books and other essentials, all of which we were more than grateful for. Outside of that we have been spending as much time with our beloved crew as well as having lots of date time before TJ makes his grand entrance.

We finally got the nursery to an acceptable point. I'm not going to say it's finished because it's not but it's workable. Steven did the base coat and I sketched then painted the mural. I am happy to report that we are organized and if TJ were to be born today we could bring him home and thrive.

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