Friday, October 9, 2009

Braxton Hicks Suck!!!!

Excuse my whining but wowsers.

I have been stuck in some sort of braxton hicks holding pattern since yesterday. It's kinda weird. I have heard some women describe labor as some form of hell. If labor is hell like in any sort of way then braxton hicks land is purgatory.

They don't hurt per say but I mean they don't burn or make you feel like your muscles are being torn apart but they do take your bath away. Not in because of the pain but the squeezing. Baby TJ doesn't like it too much either because he immediately tries to find a more comfy spot which is usually closer to my ribs which makes breathing difficult.

Then you have the intense tightening of an already crowded space. Ouch. I really didn't think I could feel more full than I do now and then I had a braxton hick and thought I was going to lose my lunch. When they last for a long time anything more than 2 minutes, I get on my hands and knees and allow gravity to help fight the tightening.

The worse part of braxton hicks is my son's rebuttal. As soon as it begins to give, he insists on reminding both the hicks and myself that he is king of the uterine castle. He begins to kick and push like there is no tomorrow. I guess he does it until he believes he has submitted the hick and is once again comfortable. In the mean time my ribs take a beating. More so than anything, I am left wondering if he could possibly be this stubborn and feisty in real life. Scary.

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