Friday, April 16, 2010


Of all the riches in the world, nothing is more valuable to me than sleep right now. TJ is in the throws of teething agony and seriously, if baby ain't happy the entire house is unhappy. Forget the whole saying about mama being happy. A couple of nights ago he woke up every 30 minutes through the first 6 hours of the night. The following day I was caught in an endless cycle of feed, rub gums, change runny diaper, offer pedialyte, rinse soiled clothes and sanitize changing area. Fast foward to today, runny poopies are still here but down by 50% and he is a lot less demanding. Needless to say I am still worn out but sound the alarm.....he slept from 9:30 to7:00. Finally, some sense of normalcy has returned. Even with the long stretch of sleep, I still have a huge sleep debt. Hopefully I will take a huge chunk out of it over the weekend.

In more exciting news, we started brushing gums today. He loves it. So I know it mat be overkill because he is lacking in the tooth department but I am fearful of rotten teeth pushing through his gums. Hey it serves multiple purposes. It cleans those gorgeous gums and soothes the itchies. He likes to chew on my fingers anyway so may as well add a brush and kiddie past to the mix.

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