Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nursery In Progress...well kinda.

We are using a jungle theme for the nursery but without all of the jungle animals. Elephants and trees will be the predominant feature in the nursery. When I first made this choice, I figured it should be fairly easy to accomplish. How wrong could one be. Not only did I not like much of what I found but what I did like was on another continent, so I couldn't see it in person and it was super expensive to purchase and ship.

I wanted the mod elephant look, which is much softer than a real elephant. It will be softer but not hokey. I don't want the nursery to look too cartoony because adults will have to spend plenty of time in the nursery as well. So it needs to be comfy for everyone, I am sure my mom will need to say it should be all about TJ. Anyway, I found some really cute things online but the prices were outrageous,so I decided to purchase the materials try my hand at it.

Here are the results

I think it worked out well and I saved about $250 doing this myself. I think I paid $5 for the stool, $8 for the canvas, $3 for the brushes and less than $12 for the paint.

I am now looking for a huge stencil for the wall mural. I want the mod elephant look and one of those safari trees. Like the trees from The Lion King but I don't know what they are called. In the meantime,I will be working on additional items for the nursery as well as getting the walls painted before the baby shower.... 3 weeks from now. Start the countdown!

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