Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 days until the Shower

After all the waiting for the shower day to be here,it's finally upon me and I am not ready. Not only did I not do anything on my list of to-dos to be done before the shower, but I have the list before that to contend with as well. I still don't have anything to wear and at this point, I probably won't have anything. I am practically beyond caring anymore. I am tired of looking for something I like only for it to look gross. If I were bold enough, I would show up in jeans but I don't want my mother to kill me. I'm sure I will figure something out.

In more important news. My beloved city of Atlanta has been hit with the worst flooding seen in my lifetime. Mine is not a terribly long lifetime but still this flooding is worth mentioning. As of yesterday 9 people have died, 11 or so counties are declared disaster zones and millions of dollars in damage was done. I ask anyone reading this to take some time to pray for the residents of metro Atlanta. This is a stressful and I am sure fear ridden situation. Anyone involved needs as much support as possible.

I am happy to report my family and friends are all safe and dry. A few people had minor damage from the storm but no flooding. Whatever was lost could be replaced in these cases, so all is well.

My mother also assured me the city will be all dried up and functioning in time for my shower. I am really excited the shower is still on because this would be my last chance to see my family and friends before the birth. I am most certainly not willing to make the 3.5 hour drive anytime post 30 weeks, so this will be it. I am also excited to be surrounded by women who have preceded me in motherhood. I pray some of that wisdom is passed on to me and I walk away confident in my abilities. I believe one person's strength can easily become another's through the sharing of experiences. Who knows?

I also have the dreaded 28 week check up today. I am praying I will be able to choke down that glucose syrup stuff. I am also praying that I pass it and won't have to go on to take the fasting glucose test. If there is one thing I can't do these days, it's fast. I also have major blood work and all kinds of other things going on. I am pretty sure I have gained more weight than I should and my iron levels are probably pretty low. I have not taken prenatal vitamins in a little over a week. I ran out and did not make the trip across town to get them at Whole Foods. I really don't want to take them anymore.

I will get all of that together as soon as possible. I don't feel as if I am making the best decisions for this baby right now. But I am tired. I have been choking those pills down for over 23 weeks now. I'm tired and I want a Martini. I guess the being pregnant thing is getting old just like the books warned it would.

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Anonymous said...

It will past soon enough, and you will get to hold that precious baby in your arms. I pray for the best for you and Steven, and I truly believe that you two are blessed and highly favored. I hope your baby shower was everything you hoped for and more.