Monday, December 20, 2010

We are One!

Today we all turn one. TJ is one year old and we are one year old parents. It's the most amazing feeling on earth. Finally a birthday that isn't plauged with negative feelings about getting older and it belongs to my little one. lol

TJ had the craziest Elmo themed bash to celebrate his birthday. He and 15 other little ones (and more adults than I could count) rocked out to Elmo songs, played Elmo games, ate Elmo's favorite foods and ate Elmo in the form of cupcakes and cookies. Oh and they wore Elmo as well. It was all so much fun for everyone involved.

I really embraced the theme and thought out every detail, down to were the children sat and what types of materials would be appropriate for their age group. As a result the party went very well and all of the children aged 1-7 had a chance to do fun things. I had the privelage of making just about everything for the party, which was my favorite thing about planning. So I am thinking I had more fun than anyone else.

I had no idea how busy we would be actually running the party but I figured whatever happened we would not have time to take pictures, so we hired a photographer and it was the best decision we could have made. The party and the pictures were both fabulous.

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Charli Penn said...

Love it! Love the details. SO sweet. My godson turned one and I blogged about his fabulous sesame street themed part too. You'll love the photos. You both went all out!