Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Busy, busy, busy. This summer has proven to be even more crazy than I could imagine. As of today we have less than 3 weeks before this primary campaign is over. With the finish line in sight, we are struggling through the final stretch, often most difficult leg of the race. With that said, Steve is leaving the house before we wake up and getting in often times before TJ goes down for the night. So we try to have lunch everyday so TJ can have some good "dads" time daily. So far it is working for us but with the beginning of early voting a few days away, I am sure the lunch meetings will not be happening.

Right now TJ and I are gearing up to help Steve at the polls as much as we can. I am currently looking for the perfect infant carrier because our beloved Baby Bjorn is no longer working. With our new carrier we will hang out at the polls and encourage voters to vote for us. I am pretty sure the next 3 weeks will be an experience we will never forget. Whatever it may be, I want to make sure TJ is actively present throughout the process of getting voters to the poll. Even though he won't remember any of it, I can tell him stories about whatever is sure to do to crack me and everyone else up. And of course, I want him to be in the pictures. Yes I have an outfit for the primary day and for the results.

Even with all of the hard work behind us and ahead of us, we have still managed to have some fun. TJ baby had his first opportunity to swim in the pool. I said swim because that is what my little hunk of chunk did. We put him in the pool and he kicked and splashed until we could no longer keep him in the pool. We tried several times to remove him when we thought he had enough but he complained. Finally, we had to be the adults and take heed to the tale tell blue lips. We got the sweetest video of his first swim.

We also took TJ to his first hot chicken festival, a huge fourth of July tradition in Nashville. We spent the day cooling off in the beer tent where TJ stole a nap and every one's heart at the same time. In between, Steve handed out campaign stickers and talked with people about his views. All in all we made it a great day doing what us Turner's do. LOL

I can't say enough how much I love being a wife and now being a mother. My guys make it easy to love it. I enjoy being watching them together and imagining the amazing things they will teach each other. Best of all when we are all together, we have an amazing time. In a "normal" situation, I may have taken our times together for granted but with the level of activity in our lives, I have to make the most of our time. I understand every TJ first Steve and I witness together is a gift. Here's to many more.

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